The Letter “P”

Today was filled with “P’s”
DSC01359 starting with a ponytail (her hair is still a tad short) and some practicing of patience.
DSC01356 She insisted we paint (because remember today she is in charge) with watercolor. That’s a turkey with some trees in the background.
DSC01374 We pampered ourselves
DSC01378 with some “pail nolish” (her pronunciation, not mine)
DSC01383 which quickly became a patterning and counting game.DSC01381After watching her paint her nails
DSC01384 I went with a wild look: polka dots.DSC01361 But my favorite might have been the project she thought of after seeing an empty phone box belonging to Joe. It reminded her of the band-aid box at her preschool. She wanted to decorate it and put our band-aids in it. So clever and she doesn’t even realize what a fan I am of repurposing.
DSC01364So we found our label maker, gathered stickers, rifled through wash tape, and used scissors. It was so fun and I realized this is probably our first official craft experience together.DSC01365
It turned out fun and functional. My favorite type of craft.
This was all before noon, when we had to go pick up Henry. I feel so productive in a non stressful, relaxed kind of way. T.G.I.F.

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