Super Saturday

Some Saturdays I don’t have school, I don’t have homework, I don’t have a meeting…and that means it is SUPER!


My first soccer game of the season


watching Henry play with the Blue Ice Monsters. He scored a goal today and yes, I was the mom yelling cheering loudly in the heat like a crazy woman mom. Meanwhile Paul stayed up in this tree.


There wasn’t a ton of shade and he was enjoying the breeze up high. He was also thrilled to hear me say that he seemed to camouflage in the tree when I was far away.


As soon as the game ended we packed up and headed out for some swimming


and celebrating of this girl turning one. She is starting to walk and still rockin’ the mohawk. Look at that face!


Meanwhile these little cousins were laughing their heads off at making “lattes”

DSC01428 and then serving them up to Jessica. Over and over, these three year olds sat in anticipation.
DSC01417 They would crack up over saying it was bath water


and I would laugh in the doorway watching the game. A little soap, cup, and imagination can transform a bath. It’s always good to see family, only wish we lived closer. Those two don’t know it but we are trying to scheme up a date to Pretend City in the next couple of months. I know they would love it.

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