Soccer Banner

This was seriously a two week process and I am relieved it was done by Picture Day this past Saturday.DSC01479This is part of the adventure of having Joe as coach. It was seriously a family effort with the lettering and design lay out (thanks Joe), mini drawing (Paul), big drawing (me with the help of Olivine), and our sponsor (thanks Steven our dentist). Henry gave thumbs up all along the way as he helped come up with the team name.

Unfortunately Staples wouldn’t print the original banner design because instead of my drawing there was a copyrighted image we didn’t have permission to use. That’s what happens when I have a coupon and insist on using a corporate printing company rather than a mom and pop shop.

Here’s my To- Do List:

Soccer Banner- Made

Halloween Costumes- Ordered (thanks Mimi)

Interview for Homework- Complete (thanks Jennifer)

Dishes- Mostly done

Laundry- Pending

Homework- Ongoing

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