Trade In

I went with Olivine on Friday morning to get an oil change. Without much thought I inquired about the trade in value the dealership would offer for my car that is almost paid off. When they came back and offered almost the same as the Kelly Blue Book value my interest was peeked.


I texted Joe, left a message for Sun, and reached my mom. I asked her opinion and weighed the pros and cons. She mentioned my Ji’chan who I am always considering when making big decisions. I miss him like crazy. If he was still alive I am pretty sure he would smile at this story.

Most of the negotiation happened by phone and required some repeated insight from my mom. Who is the queen of trading in cars and getting good deals all on her own. I clearly inherited the gene. I wouldn’t say I enjoy the process of haggling, I truly don’t! But there is something rewarding about being determined and pushing back against a male centered system. Plus, on the phone it was easy to hang up.

By the time I picked Paul up, I was driving back to the dealership. In under two hours I was done with negotiating, financing, and making sure the terms were the same or better with almost the same car payment. My main reason of trading in was the car was as a 2010 and almost at 100,000 miles. They were offering me a good trade in value. I had minor complaints about only having one key left out of three, and to replace it would cost hundreds of dollars. But what put me over the edge was the car was brand new and 2015 is the last model the company will make. I kind of went into a panic. With my mom’s support, I stuck to my terms and they came down.

Makes me seriously wonder if I could have talked them down more.

But I also don’t have all day to spend in a dealership. For now, I am happy. Not thrilled about having extended car payments, but ecstatic to have another Mazda 5 that is reliable.

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