Since having left the elementary classroom I found I do love teaching, especially writing (the reading is what I still do at the college level). It worked out perfect that Paul’s second grade teacher needed parents to help in the classroom, when I learned he teaches using writer’s workshop, I quickly signed up. The schedule started last week, every Wednesday of the school year I am welcome in the room.

Oh it feels like coming home. It is almost the same feeling I get when I drive into the fog and see SF for the first time in months. Nothing compares.

He has a weekly quote that the students discuss and analyze. Powerful. Inspiring.


He is British born so this is his class motto:
UnknownAt back to school night he explained how it works well for parents and students. The first part is the relax, don’t stress part of growing. The “have a  go” is the putting in effort and trying your best. I love it!

Expect more photos as the year progresses. I love being back in the classroom. Just for teaching, not conferences, paperwork, grading, just good old fashioned teaching.

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