First Year

God has given me a ton of grace and compassion for my husband. Mixed in with a bit of awe and wonder, which I also need. His eyes light up as he talks about his classroom. Like any first year teacher, he is working his butt off. He puts in time before school, time after school, time on the weekend, and he still feels like he isn’t getting enough done. So I stand  with my hands in pockets (literally and figuratively) trying hard not to jump in, solve and strategize because I too have been in his shoes. Instead I try my hardest, and am asking God everyday for greater gifts when it comes to patience, love, kindness…all those wonderful attributes in the bible that are so hard to manifest when actually put to the test. DSC01485

Joe has a ton of these picture cards used for communication. He laminates them and then adds velcro or puts them on a ring. This helps students point and learn to be specific about what they need or want. These are from the computer.

But I will say when the word is unique enough to the child or not clear in the picture card, you better believe he whips up his own. Hand drawn and labeled with more accuracy for the child. And that is one more way my heart swells. Not just for Joe, but for God. I get to see all these gifts and talents He placed in Joe, bubble out in mysterious and beautiful ways.

P. S. I met with a previous professor this week- Dr. Xu at CSULB. I love her. She told me that Joe and I need to write a book. He laughs it off. But I am really going back to pick her brain some more. Why not?

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