Monday Blues

It’s a new week and I am willing to confess this last week has been hard (I should feel grateful it is over).

I took Olivine to the aquarium (her request) and wandered behind her. She can sit in the penguin water cave for a long time. I tried hard to surrender my heavy heart and a list that God already knows. My prayer is “Lord of Have Mercy.”


The world is full of hurting and pain that is sometimes difficult to hide from my children. I am once again learning lessons from them about how to not judge, but remain hopeful and faithful. They listened as I called 911 this morning in a calm manner to explain that a young man jumped into my car, sat in the passenger seat crying, as I buckled my children in for school. He was only wearing boxers and was yelling about his father. When his father showed up, he ran down the street, while his father explained he was on drugs. Thankfully my kids were more concerned for his safety than fearful of their own.DSC01560I have been able to hide the situation in my college class, as Joe and I discuss with hushed tones my student who spiraled out of control. This required police in my Tuesday class because the shootings on college campuses is fresh on everyone’s mind.


Then there is the news from my mother that someone I have known my whole life is preparing to go to prison. My heart breaks because the world is dark and I am powerless against such violence, pain, and suffering. DSC01547It’s why I went to church yesterday morning and stood with arms open, waiting to receive any blessings God has to offer.DSC01554

Some mornings this momma wants to crawl back into bed, with sheets pulled over my head, and wish the evil away.

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