Happy Place

In lieu of yesterday’s post being somber and sad, I was determined to look around and notice the positive. This is a phrase I grew up hearing my mother use. And yes, sometimes it was in reference to her happy place…Disneyland.
DSC01525 I love cousins…especially when my kids squeeze a tiny one into a life size sandwich.
DSC01532 I love writing and book making.
DSC01515 Paul has been writing up a storm and this always makes me smile. I still see invented spelling and he’s got these two characters going on a fantastic adventure. I notice inspiration from dinner, his real life friendship, and his imagination. So good!
DSC01513 Googly eyes that are sticky makes packing lunches more fun
DSC01544 Artwork by Henry is always cheerful. It’s a chance to see his world through his eyes.
DSC01539And yes, that is really all it takes. I don’t feel back to myself. A bit scattered and sad, but maybe the heat is not helping. Lunch with Sarah helped, a morning meeting with the amazing librarian at my school helped, and a tall glass of sparkling water brought to me by my husband definitely helps.

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