Bonding Time

We went through a season of sharing aloud chapters in a book. But I will say at this current moment Paul is caught up in the tide of writing which I fully want to embrace. I am diving head in to his new love. I guess it is in part his genetics (I have been writing books since I can remember) and the other part may be due to his teacher engaging the students in Writer’s Workshop. There is a lot of freedom and choice as students explore their own topics of interest. **I was there this morning witnessing first hand the magic in his classroom.**

The anxious part of me fears the day when my boy and I can’t connect. That our relationship will reach a canyon of distant knowledge and humor that I can’t quite grasp. Then reality hits. I will build a bridge. I will shout. I will build fireworks to communicate with him. I will go far to stay this close to my boy.DSC01562

He is witty and wise and he has these recent creations he is referring to as “let me give you a quiz.” Then his eyes light up when you answer and he reads with intonation and suspense that keeps his siblings captivated.DSC01563

I was naive enough to think that I could easily replicate my own. But I kept confusing myself and finding that my creative juices, similar to my pretending and imagining skills- are a bit dull.DSC01564

They still giggled at the final reveal.DSC01565

And then there are these books. They are like a choose your own adventure book. Yet he hasn’t read any. So now I am trying to track them down. Where is he learning to write like this?
Thank you God for a boy who is confident and funny and willing to take risks in his learning. He is passionate and creative in world that says this is being driven away by technology and the internet. I don’t buy it. Give this kid some paper, a pencil, a stapler, and scissors…moments later he will produce a book.



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