Christmas in November

Meeting friends on a Friday night, gathered around a single table sharing drinks and (always) bread with cheese. That communion of bread and wine stands strong.DSC01985

Making scrubs with sugar, coconut oil, and scents. Yum! We all raved about Jenny’s recipe last year. Then she revealed her secret: three ingredients.


Decorative trees. Very Pinterest. I love felt.DSC02000

My favorite part was the repetitive circle cutting. Using scissors always feels like therapy.
DSC01991I hope we keep this up. I need this space. A way to catch up, slow down, listen, laugh, and make memories.DSC01994

I feel blessed to have these ladies.DSC01995

Fellow wives, teachers, daughters, and mothers. We share many of these roles. I also look around and know there is strength, resilience, real life hardships and stress. Yet we can lean on each other and freeze time for a little while. What a gift!


One response to “Christmas in November

  1. QueenStella

    It is such a gift! I cherish our time together and when I get home, can’t wait for the next one!

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