Our Time

This week I hit a peak in semester stress with assignments due, tests to give in my own classroom, continuing to volunteer, and celebrating a birthday. I am fortunate to be able to last minute schedule time for Olivine to go to more childcare. This is a life saver but also results in a girl overtired and crying herself to sleep last night after waiting up for me until 8:30. It feels like heartbreak in the moment, and then I recognize this is the give and take of our days. So this morning, we spent the day, just her and I, enjoying each other.DSC02122She practiced balancingDSC02117and offered to push me while running with all her might.DSC02127Kicking off her shoes, DSC02125she climbed all around.DSC02121I snuck up on her, caught her singing to herself (it’s genetic).
DSC02126I even squeezed in time to stare at this design, silent, deep breathing, and slight disbelief that I am on the other side of this week’s storm. Survival is not where I want to remain. Switching that mode into a frame of mind that invites freedom, calm, and a slower pace is my weakness.DSC02124I walked while she rode her scooter. Her new pose is to push hard and then glide along with this one leg kicked up high like a dancer.DSC02132We are about to begin our week off. Maybe we will run into you or already made plans to see you. I hope so, we will be on full relax mode.



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