Eight Already?

I have to keep asking myself if this many years have already slipped by and like your height, it is slowly creeping in on me that time is moving continuosly. I take out the baby book and am reminded of how much I have grown and changed as a parent because of you.DSC02112

That same toddler who would break into a rendition of a robot is the goofy kid who now acts like a kid. A boy who likes baseball, legos, and inventing languages with strange symbols. I see the ongoing practice of using your words to describe your feelings and those classes we took this summer are showing how much you learned. Along with swimming, bike riding, whistling, telling jokes, using a pocket knife, and all the other skills you have learned.DSC02107

I hope you remember the laughter shared around tables with food and friends. I wish for you-life long friendships with Mario and George. I also hope that big heart you have doesn’t shrink, but continues to expands because you ask thoughtful questions, offer important help, and want to see the good in others.DSC02105

I have a feeling eight is going to be great!


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