Strong Start

I love when a weekend has been restful and we make the most of our Monday.smDSC02576I won’t deny that this may also be attributed to overcast skies and recent rains. I love a good storm. It makes me smile.smDSC02559 While Olivine napped, Henry cracked eggs and helped mix a strawberry crumble (George watched). And yes we ate this with a scoop of Cool Whip (don’t judge).smDSC02567 I had a meeting for the upcoming conference I am helping plan at CSULB on urban leadership. My dear friend who works at the university is helping with hiring in her department. Needless to say, this afternoon involved some kid swapping. I took them all, then she took them all, so we could get our work done. smDSC02573The only things these little ones notice is when it is time to say good-bye. She or I can be there, and they hardly notice. They ran around, even if one is on crutches and complained (after an hour) of needing more time to play.
The night ended with community group. Did I mention this group meets four blocks from my house? (I walk!) After dinner and baths, I sneak out for a couple hours to pray and read the bible. So much to be thanking God for is what I am learning to sit with and let it gradually sink in. Sometimes the Spirit connects this for me in such a deep truth that all I can do is cry. Tears of joy for the life I have been given; the family, the friends, the education, and the cup that overflows with blessings.

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