I am a huge fan of free. I did work in a recycling center that gave me plenty of access to trash. I also spent some time dumpster diving and dragging free items from the sidewalk to my home.

So…thank you Mimi for the bag of oranges. They are fresh in flavor.sm_DSC02583I know a chain bookstore that emails cookie coupons for birthdays. Olivine cashed hers in this week.
sm_DSC02578I even stumbled upon a Pat Mora haiku that sums this girl up.sm_DSC02580I guess the aquarium isn’t technically free. But having a membership feels pretty darn close. We bypass the line, wander in and out in two hours, stopping to notice new animals in the exhibit. These are starfish.sm_DSC02591And wave at some of our old, familiar friends.
sm_DSC02587Then there are also the free random teddy bears that come to a girl who likes to smile. On a visit to a friend in the hospital this past week she found herself being presented with toys to help pass the time.
sm_DSC02595Yeah we have been busy. Can you tell?

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