Cultivating Patience

Getting lots of practice with this girl who is chatty, demanding, funny, and impatient. If I do not keep my eyes fixed, I might miss her hanging upside down. No worries, she will call my name over and over, until I come to see.DSC02635I watched her tiny hands curl up in fear at the dentist. I am the exact same way. My dentist doesn’t have many three year old patients. He was impressed.DSC02634Oh and those boots. She won’t take them off. They were Henry’s. One of the last gifts my ji’chan bought for my boys. Henry was wearing them at two, when Olivine was born. I stuffed them in a closet and when they fell out recently, I cried.  I love that she loves them. They fit her perfect.DSC02641And here is a typical range of items brought home from the child development center. Plates turned into frisbees, paintings, and folded up with tape instruments. The egg carton contains “cupcakes” she made me at school. What do I do with all these treasures?
DSC02639Let’s not forget-the birthday. We are in countdown days week. She made these invitations with balloons, her phone number, and is insisting on a party. She called a friend last night to talk about a sleep over. This girl is three. Who does this? Oh wait, me- the kid who loved talking on the phone.

In the midst of a hectic week, I am finding I am patient. I didn’t yell about the melted buttons on my jacket at the cleaners. Mistakes happen, right? I read a book as a I waited at the utility company and bank, because someone stole and cashed my check. I kept Henry hydrated and rested today after a fever and throwing up. Just stories and juice and hugs around here. I was polite and flexible about the canceling of my college class and then the reinstatement. I tried hard not to panic or let the fears take over. Now, I am trying to pass a little of this on to my husband who just found out he won’t be returning to his site next years due to restructuring. My heart aches, he is a man who has put his whole heart into these kids and families. But we will be patient and faithful because these are the many situations beyond our control.



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