Olivine woke up a little bit in shock. There was such a build up with the daily count down and endless confusion over how time works. She has been talking about her birthday since November, when her brothers had their birthdays so close. She made it all the way through Jesus’ birthday and really just wanted it to be hers already.

I made sure last night (after skyping into class-for the first time) that I set out all the ingredients and decorations, to be  awake before her. I was making pancakes at 6 am since it is a school day.

She had a bonus card that was left on the mailbox (thank you Rollogs). I am telling you this girl loves mail as much as me. Especially if it includes a candybar!


So it was an early morning pancake party with singing

DSC02652and candles and wishes

DSC02653She was loving the attention. She even changed her mind about it being a party. Previously she didn’t want to call it a pancake party since I wasn’t inviting all her friends. But when she saw her brothers clapping and cheering, she announced it was in fact a party.DSC02654The balloons were a hit.

DSC02657She spent some time in the morning laying on her bed, with sunshine cheeks, enamored by the golden stars inside.

DSC02661I might have been extra generous in politely asking the birthday girl to kindly remove the stickers her brother gave her. She argued a bit about how she was trying to make the house pretty and share the stickers. Both valid points. But when I presented her with a blank paper she willingly transferred them to a safer place.DSC02659Before school I pinned a button on her dress, after insisting balloons were not permitted to go with her. Compromise is key these days. DSC02663This girl is quickly acquiring her own personality. She has recently been riding her balance bike, even though she learned to ride her scooter first.

She likes hanging upside down, playing with her two dolls (sleepy baby and chubby baby), keeping up with her brothers, being spoiled and wrestled by her father, listening to stories, reading stories (No David! is the current favorite), writing her name, talking on the phone, and dancing.

She doesn’t like being forced to say hello, having me pick out her clothes, hearing the word “no,” shoes (unless they are boots), bedtime, reminders to finish her water bottle, wearing pajamas, and dogs (one recently jumped on her so she is much more nervous these days).

And this is the age where she looks more like a kid. Where did my baby go? She’s still there I just have to look a little harder.


One response to “Four!

  1. Happy Birthday Ollie!

    We miss you.

    Hope your day was so goooooood

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