His World

When my oldest isn’t playing baseball (multiple times a week) he is drawing and imagining on paper. This is inspired by Candy Land. I love his brain.DSC02708Some days the creativity intersects with homework. This is his “made up shape or solid figure.” The name makes me laugh. I don’t have that sort of creativity.DSC02719Then there is the dinosaur diorama and typed report he has due. After a trip to the craft store and a clearing of the kitchen table, he took over.DSC02720After covering the inside and outside of a shoebox, measuring and gluing along the way. He labeled the back and eagerly worked on his river.DSC02723He then spent time drawing out the dinosaur the chose to feature in his report: Triceratops.DSC02725Soon after, he needed a break. So he called his friend Mario to see how his report was coming along. The conversation quickly fell into this random quiz of facts going back and forth about lengths of specific dinosaur, period of time they lived, or predators and prey of dinosaurs. DSC02728He added details and abandoned a T-rex on the hill in the background (he became overly frustrated at his inability to draw it accurately). There need to be more diorama projects and less worksheets.

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