A Teacher in the Making

This is what I saw in the bedroom after dinner:

DSC02734There was one highly motivated teacher and two younger siblings as the students.DSC02730I watched as the class became inattentive and giggly. Some would call that “off task,”DSC02731which in turn made the teacher anxious. He just wanted them to do what he asked, which was some incredibly difficult math. DSC02732It’s like a theatrical, kid friendly, rendition of the jobs  Joe and I hold as teachers. It requires thinking on your feet, being flexible, and admitting your own mistakes. A combination of talent, courage, and joy in learning.DSC02733He even presented the math lesson in multiple formats: numbers, sentences, and then resorted to true or false. All of which was over their heads, but they still kept trying.DSC02736Suddenly, teacher Paul was saved by the bath bell. The students left smiling because they did earn stickers. I even overhead the teacher say that once they earned six stickers, they could have a piece of candy.

I guess I will be staying tuned for the next class.

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