We kicked off Spring Break on Friday with a trip to the movies with Grammy.  We shared popcorn and saw previews for upcoming movies. I think out of all of them, The Jungle Book looks scary and sweet.DSC02739I must say this is the first animated movie in a long time that I liked. We …all three generations…of us could like this, at all different levels. And for me the pro-girl (female bunny character), urban (train rides and hamster tubes) and rural (carrot farmers) setting, arctic shrew mobster guarded by polar bears, and the “free spirited” hippy type animals that don’t wear clothes were all entertaining. There was a twinge of Richard Scarry in the animation as well.DSC02737I even loved the elephant doing yoga with Olivine loudly whispering…”look mommy, it’s you!” And no, she didn’t mean the elephant..she was referring to the yoga pose of downward dog.

If you need something to do, can get into a matinee screening in the middle of the day with an empty theater, I recommend this one.  And then call me up….so we can chat about the undercurrent of issues around prejudice, class, and racism, and this movie’s timely relevance to our current issues of power in this country…so good!

2 responses to “Zootopia

  1. Dona

    Hi, hope you all have a wonderful and fun spring break. Thainking of you all. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I was not prepared for the social relevance of this movie. I mean, it’s about a bunny. Why I should never pre-judge!

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