Packing Up

Joe is growing sunflower seeds for his class. Their sprouts are a perfect reminder of the spring season. A new and fresh beginning is what I see, especially for my aunt who is preparing to move to Kansas City.DSC_3856 Her five bedroom house in Oceanside is being emptied this week and we had a chance to say good-bye. One final lunch of Mexican take-out under the umbrella.DSC_3963Look at that weather: gorgeous! And I spared everyone the tears. I stayed focused on the gifts that are in store: the chance to be closer to those getting old, extended family, and friends. The decreased distance from her son and grandson in Texas. The excuse to one day road trip across the country. The opportunity to carve out a life that makes the most sense for a woman who has given up a lot for her family. She went from raising a son to taking care of her mother, and at every point she gave 100% in a selfless way. DSC_3971She is picking up her roots and setting them down in much richer soil. It is definitely an adventure and the smile I hear in her voice alludes to her excitement.DSC_4003The kids are still a bit confused, which I am okay with. Olivine asked if we would see grandma on the drive down. Death’s permanence is still strange to her. But the best part of that is she remembers my grandma. Henry added details from his memories of grandma’s hugs and her chair she kept surrounded with mail and books. They remember sleeping over, tossing balls to the dog, feeding the turtle or koi fish, running around with their cousin, flying helicopters, and the tradition of taking flowers to my grandma. Those are the memories we will treasure.DSC_4005God has been faithful in this move. The family moving in has four kids and the walls will soon fill with laughter. The yard is drought tolerant and low maintenance. Without asking, the help to drive across country has appeared and now the days are numbered.DSC_4008I wish my aunt the best. This is our last hug in the driveway but hopefully the beginning of some beautiful new places for us.

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