My cousin Jessica was confirmed in the Catholic church on Sunday, so we used that as a reason to gather together and celebrate. We had food, talked and talked, and let the kids run around. DSC_4045I love that lately we have shared more intimate and spiritual conversations. Sometimes at the most random times because we both have little ones. But squeezed in conversations here and there about parenting, teaching, God, faith, trust, and listening to our hearts.DSC_4044We also have had to cancel plans due to little ones being sick. Mine had a fever, hers were coughing, mine got pink eye, hers started antibiotics, you know how it goes. Back and forth, until somehow the clouds part and the sun shines down and we are all rejoicing under one roof.DSC_4096

The timing of our marriages and children have helped the most, in ways of growing close. But she also is the blood cousin of Joe and they are strikingly similar in interests. I just learned about her equal passionate collection of trolls, something I have teased Joe about for years.

DSC_4086She is a reader and a writer like me. Since we are both raising daughters, we like to daydream about the girls forming a band like Sleater-Kinney when we get older. We will happily be the moms on the sidelines cranking out buttons and silk screening t-shirts. Girls rule!DSC_4065They could play dress up all day. That is exactly what they did and luckily they are the same size. Their imaginations ran wild with all sorts of imaginary games.
DSC_4028And she is someone I can ask..what about Disney princesses? How much is too much? What are the benefits because all I can see are the negatives? She gives honest feedback. I love that.

Soon enough the littlest of this tribe will be dedicated. If everyone’s healthy, we plan on being there next month to celebrate one more blessing in the family.

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