My mom’s last day at work was last Thursday and yesterday we had a chance to celebrate. She came over and we had brunch at a local spot called the Attic. So good!

It still unreal seeming. We sat under umbrellas, drinking spiked lemonades, at 11 am on a Wednesday. We are both looking at each other wondering how this came to be? My mom has worked ever since I can remember. So if I thought ten years teaching was long…try more than three times that is how long my mom worked in an office for the UC system. And now she has all this crazy free time. My offer still stands…Grammy can take my three anytime she wants.
DSC02807For brunch, I ordered the veggie burrito. They put fries inside and avocado on top. Also we shared an order of the FGT- fried green tomatoes! I was full all day. This one meal pushed me over the limit.DSC02810My treat: manicure and pedicure at Kreme de la Kreme- two doors down. They have fair wages, clean- super clean, cupcakes, and of course my new obsession:DSC02812I chose the second color from the right, very much in the shade of Hello Kitty’s bow. Classic!DSC02813We stayed almost two hours to relax. I figure this is a great way to kick of the celebration of not having to work. My mom thinks next time we should head to Korea town for pedicures that involve live fish. She has no idea how gross that sounds to me. Let’s just come back to this spot!

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