Tar Pits

Did you know this is only urban excavation site in the world?DSC02790We saw some women excavating a saber tooth tiger and I felt like a kid again. I love that part of being parent is seeing the world the way they do: full of wonder and excitement.DSC02787Our membership to the Natural History Museum gets us into the Tar Pits as well. Bonus: Tar Pits are next to LACMA which all kids in LA can get into for free. A double win-win! Paul was in love with the dire wolves. They have excavated almost 2,000 and have a few on display.DSC02788After some running around we needed a snack at the local cookie shop. Yum!DSC02805And because it was Sunday, the LACMA had some activities for kids. We walked up right in time for the Slide Whistle Workshop, giving out and teaching kids how to use slide whistles.DSC02800I’m not going to lie-the weather was perfect for spending the afternoon outdoors.DSC02791Looks like spring is quickly becoming summer and I might need to stock up on sunscreen.DSC02799We tried to stay in the shade or hide in the plastic-spaghetti like strings of the LACMA.DSC02796Henry is pretty darn good at expressing his emotions without words. He loved the day!

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