I am not Catholic but I love the symbolism that permeates the practice. At this recent baptism I heard about the water symbolizing life, the candle carries on the “light,” and the white clothing marks new life. I loved it. I sat in awe and wonder of this sacrament.DSC02898And afterwards, the celebrating and joining together of family and friends felt like such a moment of making memories. I was full of hope watching the play of these small children, knowing they will grow up and we will reminisce about this more innocent period of parenting. But that we will be able to lean on each other and our faith to carry us through the harder times. This is a comfort.DSC02899I look across the yard and see this one. Full of imitating the play of a mother. She wants to run around and play, but also loves sitting at the sidelines watching as she tenderly cares for a baby doll.DSC02902There are these two. With the long hair in their eyes and the funny grins on their faces. They are jumping on top of the play house to escape the dragon that is flying nearby. Ahhh…the imagination.DSC02908When the crowd has died down and it is almost time for a bath. The one who was baptized warms up and cozies next to me. We make a sound of surprise as she over and over opens the cash register. I can hang with toddlers all day.

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