My cousin is taking full advantage of the girls who have birthdays less than a week apart. I love that! Right now, there is a mutual love of mermaids and like every party, they went ALL OUT.

I didn’t charge my batteries for the camera. I mostly took pictures with my phone. (Now that I am on instagram with my cell phone – this is my life now! Tt makes my camera feel like the forgotten and outdated item in my bag)

Here was the double cake:DSC02887with cutout silhouettes, names, and numbers:DSC02888I was a big fan of the white chocolate shells. I might have eaten three or four! So good. And I opted for cookies over cupcakes at this event.DSC02886The other highlights of the party included a time lapse video of the entire party from a Go-Pro stuck to the window, a bubble lady who had bubbles big enough to stick children in, watching others watch Joe play with a singing bubble wand, face painting, mermaid bubbles, and family.

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