The Middle Bear

He is the one who makes up games on the spot to keep Olivine entertained for countless hours while I cook dinner, finish homework, etc. Paul meanwhile may be reading, sleeping, or homework (lately that’s all it feels like-which sounds like a teenager).DSC02870On this occasion he was playing dolls with her. They were putting all the dolls to bed in the box so that the Tooth Fairy could come visit them all.DSC02869These aren’t my favorite dolls but they were from Grammy and they are loved by these two. So for now they stay.

Henry had this fairy fly all around the house with Olivine following as he gave her directions about items to grab that the tooth fairy would deliver to the other dolls when they woke up (a.k.a. the box was opened).

Currently, Henry’s words take precedent with most issues involving Olivine, meaning his word is truth to her. We can tell her the tooth fairy and Santa are not real. And then I will later hear Henry remind her how crazy of a story that is, while Paul insists his parents only tell the truth. Henry points out how little money we have, that we aren’t able to gather all those items for the stockings, consider the rest of the kids getting presents, this can’t be some universal conspiracy. She listens and inevitably takes Henry’s side.

The latest stories surround his confessions to her about how to get off the nap list at preschool. He is full of detail about laying on the mat with his eyes open for days at a time, telling her it worked for him, he eventually was moved off the nap list due to never sleeping. The problem is Olivine loves his idea but still falls asleep. So when she seeks his advice he has all sorts of tips and as much as I hate their conspiracy being built against naps, I also love hearing their schemes.

I won’t lie. The time for just this middle bear gets shaved off all the time. But he doesn’t seem to mind. It’s more an issue in my own mind. As far as he knows, being a big brother and a little brother are the coolest roles around and he wouldn’t trade them for anything.

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