We love cousins coming to visit us and playing at the park. So low key and mellow. Nothing but good times.DSC02882There was a theme of pairing upDSC02880and I was seeing double.DSC02881There was also a bit of wild fun for the whole bunch. Watching Mike was highly entertaining. Even kids not in the cousin circle wanted in on the fun. DSC02878Also the youngest can capture your full attention because she has feathery wispy hair and a twinkle in her eye. Oh, and painted nails. DSC02876Then these two eventually lost their shoes, needed juice boxes, and Ollie turned her hat backwards. That means they are staying put and digging their toes in the sand.
DSC02884Sunshine, tank tops, and leaving right before anyone fell apart.DSC02877We are getting good at the parenting and the parks and the play. High-five!

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