Out of Town

A quick trip to stay at my aunt’s house.  She gave me some old clothes of mine (that now fit Olivine-check it out) that she found in her garage.

DSC00864We fed her koi fish,DSC00868hung out in the backyard,

DSC00850and the boys invited her neighbor over to play before dinner.

DSC00862We woke up early today from there and went to the San Diego Zoo.DSC00879We rode the tour busDSC00887and saw so many animalsDSC00895We also walked and could appreciate these moving walkways at the steepest points.DSC00896Henry loved the statuesDSC00899especially when he could climb on them.DSC00924Olivine liked when the stroller could be next to the glass and the animals were up close.DSC00912Paul had been looking forward to seeing  the “dragon.”DSC00918They made bug faces. DSC00932I never knew they had a giant ant farm at the zoo.DSC00935After five hours Olivine fell asleep just as we were leavingDSC00938and on the freeway everyone else crashed out.DSC00940We are determined to finish the summer strong.

Never Dull

Driving on the freeway this past Monday a rock hit our windshield and proceeded to crack, requiring that between taking Olivine for a check up and leaving for San Diego, we have someone come out to replace it. The boys would tell you this was the highlight of the day.DSC00843In the last week we have had a refrigerator delivery men, palm trees gardeners who climb up high, and a glass repair man leaving these little boys day dreaming about jobs they think are super cool.DSC00847The entire hour he was here, they stayed outside, even eating their lunch on the steps not wanting to miss any of the action.


is how old my grandma turned yesterday.DSC00852Paul picked out flowers & Henry picked out the balloon.DSC00877Happy Birthday Grandma Reidt!

Last Bay Day

of our summerDSC00716was yesterdayDSC00772with friendsDSC00775and realizing we will put our beach gear away for a few monthsDSC00788as the pace around here picks up.DSC00801It’s a mixture of sadnessDSC00835and excitement

DSC00787 for the changing of another season.

Week Ending

a little paintingDSC00700lego building (Jesus on the cross)DSC00707four pounds of cherries (my first batch of brandied cherries)
DSC00674sangria samplerDSC00708and the many

DSC00682random expressions ofDSC00684my Henry.DSC00686

Eighteen Months

calls for a pause, to notice that my little girl is growing so fast.DSC00706She is truly our joy and delightDSC00705with all her walking, talking, and pretend play.
DSC00704Joe made her this  laptop all for herself complete with cardboard, an old laptop keyboard, and a picture because she likes the sounds of the keys.

{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. DSC00415


these last few weeks that are slipping by quickly.
DSC00558After a meeting at school we loaded up and headed out to the bay.DSC00585Olivine spent an extraordinary amount of time scooping
DSC00553and pouring the water.DSC00556I watched her collect shells and heard her say “shell” and “pretty” for the first time.DSC00634The boys stood at the sea wall looking for fish and pushing piles of sand into the water.
DSC00591Us girls prefer to sun batheDSC00643and avoid getting too sandy.
DSC00596We hardly notice the bee hanging out on Olivine’s hat.DSC00650Paul pretended to be a dolphin.
DSC00581Henry likes to kick on his boogie boardDSC00586or roll in the sand.DSC00642There was snacking on grapes together
DSC00599as our lips tasted of salt water.DSC00616Some peekaboo playDSC00658and so much sunshine.

Orange County Fair

is where we spent five hours todayDSC00515after donating school supplies and getting in for free.DSC00516We did a ton of walking and riding.
DSC00451This time we bought the boys wrist bands so they could go on unlimited rides together.DSC00467Which meant they could play two games and Henry won a cupcake toy.DSC00500They loved the cars, vans, monster trucks, and motorcycle rides that went in a circle .
DSC00456Paul tackled this giant slide all by himself which impressed me, because this was the slide I always wanted to go on as a kid, but could never find the courage to climb those steps.DSC00458I rode one ride- spinning dinosaur eggs- Can you tell who didn’t like the spinning?DSC00460He got over it (I promise).DSC00537Of course we took a break to hug cotton candy
DSC00514and eat cotton candy
DSC00474or as Henry calls it “rotten candy” (but he still loves it).DSC00475Olivine likes the taste but not necessarily being sticky.
DSC00470I ate a deep friend klondike bar and Joe had nachos with fried pickles. Yum!DSC00476Olivine was awesome at hanging outDSC00483or calling to her brothers.DSC00531She loved all the sights and sounds.DSC00532We found the crazy bug exhibit
DSC00522the huge sand sculptureDSC00525and for some reason the boys split up to ride the mini roller coaster.
DSC00497This was Paul’s first roller coaster.
DSC00498We even squeezed into a photo boothDSC00552before heading homeDSC00544to put little ones to bed.


spent drawingDSC00416around the tableDSC00420usually starting with Paul
because the others insist on doing like him.
But eventually they grow impatient and while he draws multiple ninja turtles they abandon the table for play out back………………………
Until the new refrigerator arrivesDSC00427and there are friendly workers who let the boys keep the box.DSC00428They use it to hide from Olivine.
DSC00430Their giggling gives away their hiding spotDSC00432and she climbs in to join them.DSC00433Snacks for everyone!DSC00435