Rock Wall

A birthday party the boys went to was being held at a rock climbing gym. The girls stayed home reading books, taking a bath, and having a dance party.


Henry was nervous as first but Joe said once he warmed up, he didn’t want to come down.


The only time I have been to one of these places is when I used to babysit these kids in SF. This was one of their “after-school activities” (along with attending museums, fencing, karate, and swimming). But seeing as how I am afraid of heights, it was scary then and seeing my own kids in real life, might have been too much. I know, they have harnesses.


But I am glad they all went. Sounds like lots of friends were there and everyone had fun.


They came home tired and happy. Just like I love!

Flat Stanley

He is a character in a book that Paul’s class read. He was flattened by a bulletin board and now kids make their own Stanleys and mail them to people. Paul’s project stipulated Stanley had to travel outside the state so the class could map and discuss all the places he travels within the classroom.


Of course, this is the scenario in which I reached out to a tried and true pen pal (going on fifteen or so years). She and I have written from France, Vermont, New York, and now Portland. Can I just brag on what an impressively, exceptional job she did?


She of courses wrote a letter and snapped a few pictures (the essence of what Paul needs to bring into class to share).
But she also included a book and some postcards and just made the whole project fabulous. Paul was clearly excited and now eager for class on Monday to share his treasures.


This was so fun we might need to send Stanley out on some more adventures. Check your mailbox.

Extra Hands

in the Monday night dinner prep

DSC_9218keeps them busy and interested.


If you guessed tacos, you were right.


Have I told you about my friend Mimi? She is my long lost twin and honorary sister. We are learning from one another what it means to lean on and support one another in this very busy and crazy world. Luckily our boys have ended up on the same team, and although we live a couple more miles apart than we would like, we are finding strength in one another. It is an honor to watch her children because it means not only does she trust me, but they trust me. Her two boys add nothing but good to my two boys. So when she had to work yesterday, as hard as it might have been to drop them off and not hang out, she did, and the kids had such fun together- all day.


at the park


creating books




and a short video on the iPad


I wish they would pose like this for me, but they are really just sitting side by side, zoning out.

Is five kids really that different than three kids? It all feels chaotic and fun.

Mid-Week Game

Wednesday night games aren’t every week, but they are the game I can make it to.


I love the long shadows as Ollie plays in the grass.


The younger siblings make up their own cheering section.


Watching my boy out on that field or up to bat makes my heart fill with pride. It is a simple pride. The surprise to look out and see a little boy who is no longer a baby, isn’t that shy, and has found a sport he is passionate about.


Not to mention watching Joe out there with the team. Another moment in which we wish his parents were here. I have so many questions for his mom. Stories I never heard about Joe and little league.


These two are seriously “happy clams” and so we have no guilt about dragging them to practice and games. Look at them. They are not being tortured. They are just happy to be where all the action is.


There will surely be a dozen more posts as we experience this very first season of Rookie Ball with Paul.


He plays every game at El Dorado Park, come by and say hello if you around.

School Days

Yesterday classes were announced as teams for an upcoming school event. Paul’s class is the “terrific tigers.”


Today was picture day. You may not believe me when I tell you that Paul was able to convince me to buy him his second sportcoat, in lieu of passing his first one along to his younger brother. But it is true. They both wanted to look “fancy.”DSC_9123

The buttoned jacket vs. the laid back look says it all about those two. Also, the shoes: Paul is wearing dress shoes and Henry is rockin’ the Vans.

Not to mention the little hamburger in the middle with her boots, hand me down jacket from her brothers, and new jeans. This is my crew.