Christmas in November

Meeting friends on a Friday night, gathered around a single table sharing drinks and (always) bread with cheese. That communion of bread and wine stands strong.DSC01985

Making scrubs with sugar, coconut oil, and scents. Yum! We all raved about Jenny’s recipe last year. Then she revealed her secret: three ingredients.


Decorative trees. Very Pinterest. I love felt.DSC02000

My favorite part was the repetitive circle cutting. Using scissors always feels like therapy.
DSC01991I hope we keep this up. I need this space. A way to catch up, slow down, listen, laugh, and make memories.DSC01994

I feel blessed to have these ladies.DSC01995

Fellow wives, teachers, daughters, and mothers. We share many of these roles. I also look around and know there is strength, resilience, real life hardships and stress. Yet we can lean on each other and freeze time for a little while. What a gift!


Silver Lining

Today was a crappy day. I was impatient with Olivine. A student fell asleep in my college class (I really like her, such a disappointment). My mom and I need to change up birthday boy plans next week due to unforeseen issues. I am lagging on my homework. I flaked on some friends for Sunday (sorry no patchwork and no flea market). I feel out of sorts.

But then a student (perk of teaching college) gave me a gift:


On any other day it might not have hit me as hard. Tonight I was shocked and honored and grateful. How did she know I would need that?

Now I am ready for Friday.

Low Key Party

I love a mellow, no pressure kind of gathering.

DSC01972Olivine’s friend Nora turned four. Her mom had this brilliant plan to have the girls see the Peanuts movie at 9:30 in the morning on a Sunday. I love this. Hardly anyone was there and the movie choice couldn’t have been better.DSC01973

Then brunch with a larger crowd afterwards. The girls couldn’t be bothered with the jumpy house out back. They wanted to play in Nora’s room the whole time.

DSC01968Cake for you girls, and a mimosa for me. What could be better?

DSC01974Oh and bonus points for homemade cake.


As for the “no gift” policy-we couldn’t resist passing along a favorite book and some art supplies. Never out of obligation but out of tons of love am I learning is where we celebrate with gift giving.DSC01970

I usually don’t like a party where the only person I know is the host. But I wrote myself a permission slip this morning to learn three people’s names and engage in some relatively authentic chit chat. It was a little bit of an opportunity to stretch and grow. A Sunday where I am recharged and ready for a week ahead.


We never went camping this summer and are still learning how to make plans a few weeks in advance to hang out. So happy it worked out today, because school and parties and soccer schedules make it all feel so tightly packed.


I love sharing pizza slices and ice cream cups in our party of ten. I love barefoot children running wild or laying in a dog pile. I love talking seriously about our combined experiences in the world of education.

DSC01960As for future plans. Yes let’s rent a covered boat and cruise around the bay. Let’s meet up for a “parents only” night out. India says the cookies with salt are delicious.

Easy Street

I want more days like today.


The weather has cooled down. The sweaters give us that cozy feel.


I have some days full of homework and heavy stress, then there are days like today, where I just shut all of that off and out.


Keeping up our Friday picnic routine.


These pictures don’t show the complex wrestling in my heart.

DSC01959But then I am struck by these little eyes and the stare. I know life is more than the work, the degree, and the other distractions. I am learning to pay attention by purposely keeping that book closed, my arms open, and accepting the very different rhythm of my days.

Crack Up

For every letter sound Henry learns, he also comes home from kindergarten with easy readers to practice. They don’t always make sense, like this page.


As he read it he then side bar explained how he disagreed with this page. “Needles are not nice. They poke people and hurt.”

Meanwhile his sister will chime in about how they are like “pokey pines” that are also not nice. I am quick to follow that she is referring to our visit to the zoo recently where the zookeeper showed us the marks the porcupine make on people. Once again, Olivine’s vocabulary is much more cute and accurate.

In the Classroom

I have a pretty sweet deal with an open Wed. schedule and boys just down the hall from each other. My friend Mimi takes Olivine to school for me, I do a hand off to her at drop off as I sign in and grab my badge.


I have been practicing the art of permission slips. The idea comes from Brene Brown’s newest book “Rising Strong.” One of her many great tips is to practice giving ourself permission as a way to shift our thinking. I have given myself permission to show up in the classrooms only if I am ready to be present and not distracted. If I am too stressed with homework or cleaning, the reverse is true. I give myself permission to say “no.”

Bonus: each chapter has these beautifully worded lines in various fonts.


Today I saw the hanging turkeys that I helped students paint last week.


Like any kindergarten class, it is festive looking with seasons and holidays galore.


My favorite part is the writing. The closest insight I get into all those little hearts and minds. I read a story in Paul’s class about a girl seeing a shark tooth in the ocean, but not being able to reach it before it was swept away in the tides. I was captivated by her writing.

Now I am off to do homework, attend Henry’s parent conference, and go to school until 10 pm. Somebody pray I will make it.


is what she titled her drawing.


How could she be so biographically concise at three?


These two want to sleep in or take naps any chance they get.


They love to joke and laugh loudly.

There is a sweet side too, with the same love language: physical touch.

Never enough hugs to go around if you were to ask these two.

Distinctly Different

The cooler breeze and the longer shadows beckoned my attention outdoors. Luckily I have found a friend who is as low maintenance as I am to join me in the park. We can sit for hours (near but not involved with our boys playing games) talking and pondering our lives aloud.


The sunshine on our backs and the ocean air on our faces. Sundays should be noticeably different in pace from the rest of the week.

Happy November!