Our Rule

about lemonade stands is that if we see a stand, and we have cash on hand, we stop.Joey1978 RulezToday the cups were 25 cents each and tasted homemade. Henry decidedly liked the sour. Our family has stopped for dozens of umbrellas and cardboard signs. We always throw in more and one day, our little guys will have a stand. I promise.


are soft and chubby.Joey1978 Rulezmake us smile over the smallest gestures and sounds.Joey1978 Rulezat six months are really starting to look like themselves.Joey1978 Rulezcan’t talk but we like to imagine and guess at what they are thinking (a little Look Who’s Talking influence).Joey1978 Rulezlike Jake can come over anytime and keep these two infatuated, because they would love a baby for themselves.


collecting bugs
Joey1978 Rulez coloring
Joey1978 Rulez wrestling
Joey1978 Rulez building and inventingJoey1978 Rulezchasing fish
Joey1978 Rulezwatching
Joey1978 Rulezplaying on a teamGetAttachment.aspx relaxingJoey1978 Rulezclimbing

Joey1978 Rulezbalancing
Joey1978 Rulezand finding as many opportunities to soak up this last week.Joey1978 RulezThere, (I said it), in a week this summer adventure will end. I am still in a bit of denial,until then, I am promising to make the most of it.


Parenting Styles

The longer I am a mother the more aware I am of my friends and their parenting styles. I am fascinated, in fact. I have a group of friends with only one baby (Angela, Nicole, Jen, Melissa, Stephanie,). Then there is Julie, she has twins with all of its own adventure and drama. I am drawn to listen to families with three (Pilar and Tammy) and pick up on any advice or tips. I also still have a soft spot for huge families. I look back at my own mom and what she chose to emphasize or value as she raised my sister and I. At fourteen months apart the pair of us were compared and held to different standards at times.

These thoughts are swirling through my mind after spending an afternoon with my dear friend Jen from Minneapolis. My roommate in France.  A former vegan and  fellow So. Cal. girl who traveled north for the sights and sounds of the city during college. She is a mom of a sweet boy named Alton.


I heard a little of her thinking about constructive and specific praise for her son (tons to consider). I watched her ask questions and move at a different pace than I do with my own kids (Joe even carries a whistle he likes to blow). I listened to her describe her boy’s interests in elevators and the library. I tried to imagine their train trips to the Mall of America.


I caught myself feeling jealous of all her free time and then feeling incredibly sad about returning to work next week. I found myself saying good-bye too suddenly at the Farmer’s Market and wishing I had asked more questions or that we somehow lived closer. In an instant I snapped into being so thankful they stayed as long as they did (park, lunch, nap, Nature Center, and Farmer’s Market). The entire range of emotions one can feel in a friendship that has spanned many years and cities and phases. I am thrilled she still makes time to squeeze me in when she heads west to see family. Makes me feel like family.DSC01105I look forward to the next stage of our friendship and parenting. We are two very different and yet very similar ladies. Jen is hilarious, likes poetry, confessed to reading the Hobbit, convinced me to purchase yogurt today, and can relate to all the anxiety over my appointment tomorrow. We are like those color mixings where she is yellow and I am blue but together we make green.



Solomon’s Party

Our little friend turned three Joey1978 Rulezand had a baseball party in Seal Beach on Sunday.Joey1978 RulezJoe ended up pitching a bunch Joey1978 Rulezas the kids took turns running crazy style around the bases.Joey1978 RulezThey were all smilesJoey1978 Rulezto just “play ball”Joey1978 Rulezand hang out as buddies.Joey1978 RulezMeanwhile Olivine found ways  to make friends. Joey1978 Rulez She was given a phone to play with and so she snapped a ton of pictures. Tammy, my baby wants to be adopted by your mom. She even kissed her good-bye.Joey1978 RulezAnother mom made her this flower necklace Joey1978 Rulezand of course her own papa let her use use his camera. This meant I had to pose a bunch while she tried to hold the camera straight.Joey1978 RulezMy favorite (there were a ton to delete) was this self-portrait of her toes.

Joey1978 RulezSo my family has baseball fever Joey1978 Rulezand luckily we have tickets to that Angels game later this month.Joey1978 Rulez


A morning of park playDSC03634at WhaleyDSC03637early enough to avoid the humidityDSC03642We brought along balls and
DSC03627bats forDSC03632keeping little ones active.
DSC03644In the afternoon we had snack
Joey1978 Rulezand naps and drawing.
Joey1978 Rulezfor recharging
Joey1978 RulezA Saturday that I distinctly notice will disappear in a couple weeks when I start back up with teaching in the morning.
Joey1978 RulezI even sat through Up. Everyone warned me about sad parts, but they didn’t prepare me for the stinging in my chest. My kids were looking at me with worry. I hate the idea and it feels like a weight on my chest that one day I could loose Joe or he would loose me. What would I do? And this is an animated kid’s movie. It didn’t ruin my lovely Saturday, but I want to sleep tired after that kind of heart ache.


A full day that I use a couple standard measures to gage the success of with little ones. They had their friends over. They played on bikes until sweaty with no arguing. They tree climbed, transplanted caterpillars into trees for safe keeping, watched beetles, and cracked jokes.
Joey1978 RulezThen we headed to the beach and I could ignore the screaming at the tops of their lungs. I hardly had to say anything at all. They had all the freedom they could want while I daydreamed and listened and soaked in some sun.Joey1978 RulezLater, there was fearless reaching for wild  moonjellies in the lagoon. It was post-lunch and beach clean up, so they stripped down to undies.GetAttachment.aspx
It was a double dose of water play. They even found a fish skeleton to poke at.GetAttachment-1.aspxAnd then an evening topped off with tummies full from a sushi party. 
DSC01086 Family style, reach for your fillings, and maybe some shitake mushrooms never made it to the roll, but instead detoured to my lips, chaotic “free for all” type of dinner I relish.DSC01089I would live like this year round if I could.


We have been trying to eat vegan more often these days. Not for any particular reason except that Joe and I were vegan for so long. I am in a phase of reminding myself that dairy isn’t necessary all the time.

While in Portland, one of the many take aways from my trip, highly recommended so I came home and checked out the cookbook: Isa Does It. This is her latest cookbook (I already own two) and luckily the library had a copy.

I am definitely in love with the puffy pillow pancakes (her name for them that is completely accurate) that I altered by adding dark chocolate chips to.Joey1978 RulezHer curried peanut sauce bowl with tofu. This feels like the mixing of sweet and spicy that is mine and Joe’s palates complimenting one another.Joey1978 RulezShe is a brunch fan (as am I) and so her chipotle sausage hash is another versatile dish. I love cilantro and avocado as a topping.Joey1978 Rulez

I love the colorful pages and “notes” she provides that almost feel like she is talking to me. No fancy terms or assuming within cooking steps. I love the straight forward steps and time estimates for “total time” and “active time.”

{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Joey1978 Rulez